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    Paola Grohl

    N° 31
    Sir Psycho Sexy – Red Hot Chili Peppers!!! ico03 Questa canzone è bellissima e il testo fa troppo ridere (contenuto mooolto esplicito ico02 )

    A long, long, long, long time ago
    Before the wind, before the snow
    Lived a man, lived a man I know
    Lived a freak of nature named Sir Psycho

    Sir Psycho Sexy that is me
    Sometimes I find I need to scream

    He’s a freak of nature
    But we love him so
    He’s a freak of nature
    But we let him go

    Deep inside the garden of Eden
    Standing there with my hard on bleedin’
    Theres a devil in my dick and some demons in my semen
    Good God no that would be treason
    Believe me Eve she gave good reason
    Botty looking too good not to be squeezin’
    Creamy beaver hotter than a fever
    I’m a givin’ ‘cause she’s the reciever
    I won’t and I don’t hang up until I please her
    Makin’ her feel like an over achiever
    I take it away for a minute just to tease her
    Then I give it back a little bit deeper

    Sir Psycho Sir Psycho yea he’s the man that I met 1 time
    Sir Psycho Sir Psycho yea he’s the man that left me blind
    Sir Psycho Sir Psycho yea he’s the man he’s the man he’s the man

    He’s a freak of nature
    But we love him so
    He’s a freak of nature
    But we let him go

    I got stopped by a lady cop
    In my automobile
    She said get out and spead your legs
    And then she tried to cop a feel
    That cop she was all dressed in blue
    Was she pretty? Boy I’m tellin’ you
    She stuck my butt with her big black stick
    I said “what’s up?” now suck my dick
    Like a ram getting ready to jam the lamb
    She whimpered just a little when she felt my hand
    On her crotch so very warm
    I could feel her getting wet through her uniform
    Proppin’ her up on the black and white
    Unzipped and slipped “ooo that’s tight”
    I swatted her like no swat team can
    Turned a cherry pie right into jam


    Hello young woman that I love
    Pretty punk rock mamma that I’m thinking of
    Hold me naked if you will
    In your arms in your legs in your pussy I’d kill
    To be with you, to kiss with you, I do miss you
    I love you

    Lay me down ….
    Descending waves of graceful pleasure
    For your love there is no measure
    Her curves they bend with subtle splendor

    Now I lay me down to sleep
    I pray the funk will make me freak
    If I should die before I waked
    Allow me Lord to rock out naked
    Bored by the ordinary time to take a trip
    Calling up a little girl with a bull whip
    Lickety split go snap “snap”
    Girl gettin’ off all in my lap
    The tallest tree the sweetest sap
    Blowin’ my ass right off the map
    Ooo and it’s nice out here
    I think I’ll stay for a while


    in risposta a: Film ufficiale su Kurt Cobain #14337
    Paola Grohl

    Un’altro film su Kurt ico06 ?? speriamo sia bello!!!! e che parli dei Nirvana!!
    A me LAST DAYS è piaciuto però nn c’entra un po’ un cazzo!!! ico03
    speriamo in bieneee!!!!!!


    in risposta a: PRESENTAZIONI #3877
    Paola Grohl

    ciao sono Paola, ho 14 anni e abito a lecco……………..
    ico01 ……… a presto!!!!! ci vediamo!!!!!

    in risposta a: delirio #14226
    Paola Grohl

    eh?? ico15

    in risposta a: Firetrails #11250
    Paola Grohl

    pino scotto… l’ho sempre guardato martedì alle 2… è un grande…. ma secondo me ne ha + di 50 anni!!!!!!!
    ihih… il gruppo non lo conosco bene ma fa concerti molto spesso e voglio andare a uno!!!!!!!

    in risposta a: JIM MORRISON #14079
    Paola Grohl

    che bel nome “pino scotto” se lo guardi anche tu… bè… sei un grande
    eeeeeeeee—> DATTI FUOCO!!!!!!!!
    hehe ciao

    carini i Doors!

    in risposta a: bUoN nATaLE #14196
    Paola Grohl

    BUON NATALE!!!!!!!! ico03
    a tutti……………. VIVA I NIRVANA!!!!!!!

    in risposta a: NIRVANA!!!!! #14167
    Paola Grohl

    Anche io sono del ’92 come te e, anche io amo i Nirvana , ho tutti i cd (anche se il mio preferito è In Utero) evviva…viva i Nirvana….mi sarebbe piaciuto vivere quando erano ancora vivi per andare a loro concerti ma quest anno mi sono rifatta andando al concerto dei Foo Fighters,,, W dave grohl!!!!
    ico01 ciao ciao

    in risposta a: DAVE GROHL RINGRAZIA KURT COBAIN #14173
    Paola Grohl

    Dave Grohl, sei un mitooooo! ico03

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