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? = Info non sicure
* = mai rilasciata
*T = mai rilasciata, ma disponibile via trading
*C = mai uscita ufficialmente ma presente su bootleg
{ver} = versione differente dall’album ufficiale

Pre-Nirvana songs (as Tededfred, Pencapchew, Stiff Woodies, Throat Oysters, Bliss, Brown Cow (Brown Towel)…)
?* Vendettagainst

Pre-Nirvana Covers {unknown info}
?* Bad Moon Rising (Credence Clearwater Revival)?* Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves (Cher) {Chris lead vocals}?* Sex Bomb (Flipper)?* White Lace and Strange (Thunder and Roses)

1986 Fecal Matter Demo Kurt – guitars and vocals, Dale Crover – bass, Gregg Hokanson – drums.
* Bambi Slaughter* Buffy’s Pregnant* Downer {ver – instrumental}* Laminated Effect* Spank Thru* Sound of Dentage* Suicide Samurai

April ’87 – Evergreen College, The Skid Row demo, KAOS Radio show*
Love Buzz {ver}* Floyd the Barber {ver}* Downer {ver}* Mexican Seafood {ver}* Spank Thru {ver}* Hairspray Queen {ver}* plus 3 others
Note: questo live veniva usato come demo

January 1988 – Barnyard Session {4 track demos}
*C Polly (AKA Cracker) {Acoustic}*C Sappy (AKA Verse Chorus Verse; Seed) {acoustic}*C Spectre (AKA Misery Loves Company; Sad)
Note: “Cracker” / “Seed” / “Sad” are thought to be “Polly” / “Sappy” (AKA Verse Chorus Verse) / “Spectre” (AKA “Misery Loves Company”, but again all is hear-say. The exact date of recording is also up in the air. In the book, Come As You Are, there is a picture of a bio written around summer / fall 1988 that lists “Cracker” / “Seed” / “Sad” as available, so I am leaning towards thinking that they were recorded sometime in 1988.

January 23, 1988 – Reciprocal Studios {prod by Jack Endino}
Floyd The Barber [Bleach]Paper Cuts [Bleach]Downer [Bleach]Hairspray Queen [Incesticide]Beeswax [Incesticide]Aero Zeppelin [Incesticide]Mexican Seafood [Incesticide]*C If You Must*C Pencapchew*C Spank Thru {ver}
Note: Dale Crover on drums

June 11, 1988 – Reciprocal Studios {prod by Jack Endino}
Love Buzz [Bleach]Big Cheese [Bleach]Spank Thru [Sub Pop 200]*C Blandest*C Sifting {ver – instrumental}*C Blew {ver}*C Mr. Moustache {ver}*C Buzz Cut {AKA Noise Bled; unused intro for Love Buzz}?* Montage of Heck {AKA The Landlord}
Note: The Montage of Heck is about 45 minutes in length. It was edited down to Buzz Cut, then further edited down as the intro to the Love Buzz 45. This song probably was recorded at different times, since its a collage.

June 30, 1988 – Reciprocal Studios {prod by Jack Endino}
About A Girl [Bleach]
July 1988
*C About A Girl (Boom Box Recording)

December 28, 1988 – Reciprocal Studios {prod by Jack Endino}
Downer [Bleach]Blew [Bleach]School [Bleach]Negative Creep [Bleach]Scoff [Bleach]Swap Meet [Bleach]Mr. Moustache [Bleach]Sifting [Bleach]Downer [Bleach]Big Long Now [Incesticide]*C Floyd The Barber {ver}*C Papercuts {ver}
Note: On a radio broadcast from the UK, Krist mentions that Incesticide contains a Bleach outtake. I assume this means Big Long Now. What else could it be?

Late 1988 Session
*C Bambie Kill*C Clean Up Before She Comes*C Beans (Full Version)
Note: Bambie Kill is actually Bambi Slaughter (I don’t know yet if it is related to the Bambi Slaughter on the Fecal Matter demo). It features Dale Crover on bass and the song was written ‘for fun’.

Spring 1989 – K Records, Olympia WA
Scratch It Out
Bikini Twilight
Note: this was released on K records. It features: Tamra Ohrmund (voice), Tobi Vale (drums), Louise Olsen (bass), Donna Biddle (gtr), Calvin Johnson (gtr), Kurdt Kobain (gtr).

June 1989 – Evergreen State Session {with Jason Everman}
Do You Love Me [Hard to Believe – A Tribute to Kiss]* Dive {ver}
Note: Dive as on Outcesticide III isn’t from this session. It’s really a soundboard recording of Dive from the 11/18/89 Hanau, Germany show.

August 1989 – Sessions for Mark Lanegan’s The Winding Sheet album
Down In The Dark {Kurt backup vocals} [Winding Sheet]Where Did You Sleep Last Night {Kurt + Chris backing} [Winding Sheet]* Ain’t It A Shame {Kurt lead vocals}* Grey Goose
Note: Mark Lanegan, Chris Novoselic, Kurt Cobain and Mark Pickerel formed a ‘band’ in late summer / early fall 1989. They recorded some Leadbelly songs (Where Did You Sleep Last Night and Ain’t That A Shame), some originals including _Grey Goose_. The name of the band was either going to be Jury or Lithium (Kurt wanted the band to be called Lithium). They played some gigs, but nothing ever really became of this.

September 1989 – Blew EP Sessions {prod by Steve Fisk}
Been A Son [Blew EP]Stain [Blew EP]*C Even In His Youth {ver}*C Polly {Electric}* Token Eastern Song {instrumental ver of Junkyard}
Note: Been A Son is the version with a bass solo, and is different from the version on Incesticide.

October 1989 – Smegma Studios, Seattle
Bureacratic Desire For Revenge [Earth ep]
Note: Kurt plays some guitar parts.

October 26, 1989 – Maide Vaile Studios, London “John Peel Session”
*C About A Girl {ver}*C Love Buzz {ver}*C Polly {ver}*C Spank Thru {ver}

November 1, 1989 – Hilversum, Holland Radio Studios “VPRO Session”
*C About a Girl {ver}*C Dive {ver}

April ’90 – Smart Studio, Madison WI. {prod by Butch Vig}
“Nevermind Demos”Dive [Sliver Single]In Bloom [Sub Pop Video Network 1] {ver}Polly [Nevermind]Stay Away (AKA Pay To Play) [DGC Rarities Vol 1]*C Lithium {ver}*C Breed (AKA Immodium) {ver}*C Sappy (AKA Verse-Chorus-Verse)

May 1990, Evergreen Video Shoot
*T School*T Lithium*T Big Cheese*T Floyd the Barber
Note: Lithium is quite a different version here. Exact date and location unknown. May 1990 is just an estimate.

May 1990, Laundry Room Sessions
*C D-7 Here She Comes Now [Between Heaven and Hell – Tribute to VU]

July 11, 1990 – Demo {prod by Butch Vig with Dan Peters of Mudhoney}
Sliver [Sliver Single] {phone call outro}

September 15, 1990 – Olympia WA KAOS FM “Boy Meets Girl Radio”
*C Opinion*T Lithium {ver}* Dumb {ver}
Note: Kurt solo

November 3, 1990 – Maide Vaile Studios, London “John Peel Session”
D-7 [Lithium single – UK]Molly’s Lips [Incesticide]Son Of A Gun [Incesticide] Turnaround [Incesticide]

Autumn 1990 – House of the Melvins, Seattle
*C Drain You {Boom box recording}

Autumn 1990, Seattle 4-Track Recording
* Pennyroyal Tea

January 11, 1991 – Music Source Sessions, Seattle Washington
Aneurysm [Smells Like Teen Spirit Single] Even In His Youth {ver} [Smells Like Teen Spirit Single]
Note: More songs were recorded, but which ones?

May to June 1991 – Los Angeles {prod by Butch Vig}
Smells Like Teen Spirit [Nevermind]In Bloom [Nevermind]Come As You Are [Nevermind]Breed [Nevermind]Lithium [Nevermind]Territorial Pissings [Nevermind]Drain You [Nevermind]Lounge Act [Nevermind]Stay Away [Nevermind]On A Plain [Nevermind]Something In The Way [Nevermind]Endless, Nameless [Nevermind]* Endless, Nameless {wierd ver}* Rape Me {unfinished ver}* Pennyroyal Tea {unfinished ver}* Dumb {unfinished ver}

September 3, 1991 – Maide Vaile Studios, London “John Peel Session”
*C Dumb {ver}*C Drain You {ver}*C Endless Nameless {ver}

November 5, 1991 – BBC Studios “Mark Goodier Radio 1 Session”
Been A Son [Incesticide] {ver}New Wave Polly [Incesticide] {aka Polly}Aneurysm [Incesticide] {ver}*C Something In The Way {ver}

November 8, 1991 – BBC Studios, London “The Word TV”
*C Smells Like Teen Spirt {ver}

November 24, 1991 – Hilversum, Holland Studios VARA-FM “2 Meter Sessie”*C Here She Comes Now {ver}*C Where Did You Sleep Last Night {ver}*T Love Buzz {ver}
Note: Its rumoured that Nirvana played a song called _Crisco_, but I think that is a fake. I’ve talked to many people who feel the same, and no one who has any certain info about it. I have seen lyrics of it, and I really doubt that they were lyrics Kurt would write. I have talked to some people who have asked the Dutch dj at this session, and there has been no mention of any odd songs played.

November 28, 1991 – BBC Studios “Top of the Pops”
Smells Like Teen Spirit {Goth Version} [Live! Tonight! Sold Out!!]

December 6, 1991 – Channel 4 Studios, UK “Jonathan Ross Show”
Territorial Pissings [Live! Tonight! Sold Out!!] {ver}

January 10, 1992 – MTV Studios, NYC
*C Drain You {ver}*C Polly {ver}*C Smells Like Teen Spirit {ver}*C Territorial Pissings {ver}* On A Plain {ver}* Dive {ver}* Molly’s Lips {ver}* 3 or 4 others

January 11, 1992, NBC Studios, NYC “Saturday Night Live”
*C Smells Like Teen Spirit*C Territorial Pissings

April 1992 – Laundry Room session
Oh, The Guilt [split with Jesus Lizard] Curmudgeon [Lithium single] Return Of The Rat [8 / 14 Songs for Greg Sage and the Wipers]

September 1992 – Los Angeles “MTV Video Awards”
?* New Poopy {Played during the practices}Rape Me {Intro}Lithium {ver}
Note: New Poopy is most likely just a different name for ‘tourettes’.

October 1992 – Sessions with Jack Endino
 Mentioned on pg. 48 of the Rolling Stone Cobain book, in his “New Noise for 93” article, Michael Azerrad writes, “Having recorded demos in October [92] with legendary Seattle producer Jack Endino, who produced Nirvana’s first album, Bleach, the band plans to record the album [In Utero] in the spring with Steve Albini.”

November 1992 – Living Room session
Guitar part for Burroughs ‘The Priest They Called Him’
Note: Kurt solo.

January 1993 – Rio de Janeiro
*C Its Closing Soon (AKA Drunk In Rio) {Kurt and Courtney}?* 2 Others
Note: A tape of Drunk in Rio was given to British dj John Peel by Courtney herself.

March 1993 – Pachyderm Studios {prod by Steve Albini}
Serve The ServantsScentless ApprenticeHeart-Shaped BoxRape MeDumbFrances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On SeattlePennyroyal TeaVery ApeMilk ItRadio Friendly Unit Shiftertourette’sAll ApologiesI Hate Myself and Want To Die [Beavis & Butthead Experience]Marigold [HSB single]MV (Moist Vagina) [All Apologies single]Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through The Strip [HSB Promo]
Note: 2 Bass Kid is often said to be recorded during the In Utero sessions. I believe it to be just another name for I Hate Myself and Want To Die.

Summer 1993 – Laundry Room session “In Utero Clean-up”
Verse-Chorus-Verse [No Alternative]

September 25, 1993 – NBC Studios NYC “Saturday Night Live Rehersals”*T Heart Shaped Box {2 versions}*T Rape Me {ver}

September 25, 1993 – NBC Studios NYC “Saturday Night Live”*C Heart Shaped Box {ver}*C Rape Me {ver}

November 18, 1993 – Sony Studios NYC “MTV Unplugged”
About A Girl [Unplugged in NY]Come As You Are [Unplugged in NY]Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam [Unplugged in NY]Dumb [Unplugged in NY]Man Who Sold The World [Unplugged in NY]Pennyroyal Tea [Unplugged in NY]On A Plain [Unplugged in NY]Something In The Way [Unplugged in NY]Plateau [Unplugged in NY]Oh, Me [Unplugged in NY]Lake Of Fire [Unplugged in NY]All Apologies [Unplugged in NY]Where Did You Sleep Last Night [Unplugged in NY]*T Freebird jam (Lynyrd Skynyrd)*T Sweet Home Alabama jam (Lynyrd Skynyrd)

February 4, 1994 – Nulle Part A – French TV studio, Paris, France
*C Rape Me {ver}*C Pennyroyal Tea {ver}*C Drain You {ver}

February 23, 1994 – Tunnel – RAI Italian TV Studio, Rome Italy
*C Serve the Servants {ver}*C Dumb {ver}

January 27 – 29, 1994, March 1994 – Laundry Room sessions
?* On The Mountain (AKA You Got No Right)?* Man Who Sold The World?* Dough, Ray and Me (AKA Me and My IV)?* Clean-up Before She Comes?* Opinion {doubtful}?* Talk to Me {doubtful}
Note: Rumor has it that a total of 9 songs were done. Frizzle (or Frazzle) has been reported as a song that was done during these session. I suspect that it is a fake by some trader. Nirvana (without Pat Smear) taped some songs right before leaving for Europe in Jan 1994. Then, in March, Kurt did some demos with Pat Smear, Eric (from Hole) and an unkown person. On the Mountain was actually played live on Oct 23rd 1993. Its slightly different than the song Hole did on Unplugged. Supposedly, this might be released (it might have been recorded during a March 1994 studio session). Dough, Ray & Me was also probably recorded then, too – but I have no real idea.The song Clean-up Before She Comes has been released on a bootleg called Dressed For Success. I think that it was a 4-track recording from 1988. This song could have been re-recorded durning March 1994. Maybe Clean-Up was re-recorded. I do remember reading that Kurt had been quite depressed after In Utero because he was all written out (no new songs). Maybe that was a factor in his suicide – I don’t know. If so, then it makes sense that some old, unreleased songs were re-recorded for the March 1994 sessions.There was a plan to release an ep with some songs from that session with some of the Unplugged songs when Nirvana went on tour with Lollapalooza. That ep, was, of course scrapped.

According to CL on the HSB Mailing list:
‘dough ray me is the last song Kurt wrote, mostly in the basement w/ Pat S and Eric- Also “got no right” I found a buncha lyrics on a napkin on the TV- also dr and me was called “Me and My IV” on the napkin.’

Early 1994 – Hole recordig
Asking For It {backup vocals by Kurt}

Demos for Michael Stipe (REM)
??? {Only Kurt}
Note: Michael Stipe and Kurt were never able to record together. Michael Stipe did mention that Kurt had put together some demos for Michael.

Live Recordings
*C Anorexorcist – Tacoma 12/14/87*T Donuts – Washington DC 11/13/93*C Formaldehyde – MPLS 10/14/91*C In His Room – Soundcheck, Hollywood 08/17/90*C Help Me – Melkweg, Amsterdam, 11/05/89*T (Help Me) Death Jam – Providence, RI, 09/25/91*C Jealousy – Rio 01/23/93*T On The Mountain – Chicago 10/23/93*T Raunchola – Tacoma 12/14/87 (ref. to as Run, Rabbit Run)?*T Rock Whore – Glasgow, Scotland 11/30/91 (ref. as Crisco)*T Talk To Me – Gent 11/23/91*C Token Eastern Song (AKA Junkyard) Denver 09/13/89

Live Covers
*C Baba O’Riley (the Who) Rennes, France 12/07/91*C Dazed & Confused Led Zeppelin) Mezzago, Italy 10/26/89*C The End (The Doors) Reading, England 08/23/91*C High On The Hog (Tad) Mezzago, Italy 10/26/89 {Kurt + Tad}*T Immigrant Song (Led Zepplin) Hoqiuam Eagles Lodge 12/21/88*T Love Gun (Kiss) Peaches Record Store 09/16/91 {Chris+Dave}*C Moby Dick (Led Zeppelin) Tacoma 12/14/87*C Money Will Roll Right In (Fang) Stockholm 06/30/92*C More Than a Feeling (Boston) Reading Festival 08/30/92*C My Sharona (the Knack) Rennes France 02/16/94*T Play That Funky Music (??) Santa Cruz 06/19/1991*C Ramble On jam (Led Zeppelin) Miami 11/27/93* Rio (Duran Duran) Sao Paul 01/16/93 {Chris + Dave}*T Run Rabbit Run (Smack) Hoquiam 12/21/88 {diff. then Outcesticide III}* Sacrifice [Flipper] {Chris, Dave & Buzz Osborne}* Seasons in the Sun (Terry Jacks) Sao Paulo 01/16/93*T Sweet Emotion jam (Aerosmith) Rio 01/23/93*T Sweet Home Alabama (Lynyrd Skynyrd) Tacoma 1/20/90*C The End (the Doors) Reading, UK 8/23/91* Way of the World [Flipper] {Chris, Dave & Buzz Osborne)*T Wild Thing jam (Trogs) OK Hotel, Seattle 4/17/91*T [Unknown Tad song] Mezzago, Italy 11/26/89 {Kurt + Tad}*T [Unknown jam] Koln, Germany 11/8/89 {Chris+Dave}
Note: Not all these songs where played in their entirety. Sometimes, they are just a drum and bass jam.
Note: Melvana is made of members of Nirvana and the Melvins. These are two live recordings from a small tour from back in 1992. These songs were recorded on 1-15-92 at the Crocodile Cafe, Seattle. Both songs are covers of Flipper songs. Sacrifice is also the second song on the Lysol EP. Melvana: Guitar, Vocals: Buzz Osbourne / Bass: Chris Novoselic / Drums: David Grohl

* Dead* The Dodge* I’m Thinking* Leave Me Alone* Loser* Our Little Song* Punk Theme* Slut

Some songs registered to Kurt Cobain
* Call It What You Want* Milk Made Misc info and fake info’Hummingbirds From Hell’ is a song by the Nirvana of the ’60s.’Yes, She is My Skinhead Girl’ isn’t by Nirvana, its by Unrest.Midnight Macaroni is really Beck’s song ‘Motherfucker’.