Discografia dettagliata


1989BleachReleased: June 15, 1989 Label: Sub Pop (SP-34) Format: CD, cassette, LP
1991 NevermindReleased: September 24, 1991 Label: DGC (24425) Format: CD, CS, LP
1992 IncesticideReleased: December 12, 1992 Label: Sub Pop, DGC (24504) Format: CD, CS, LP
1993 In UteroReleased: September 21, 1993 Label: DGC, Geffen (24607) Format: CD, CS, LP
1994 MTV Unplugged in New YorkReleased: November 1, 1994 Label: DGC, Geffen (24727) Format: CD, CS, LP
1996 From the Muddy Banks of the WishkahReleased: October 1, 1996 Label: DGC, Geffen (25105) Format: CD, CS, LP
2002 NirvanaReleased: October 29, 2002 Label: DGC, Geffen (25105) Format: CD, CS, LP
2005 Sliver: The Best of the BoxReleased: November 1, 2005 Label: DGC, Geffen (000561702), Format: CD


1995SinglesReleased: March 1, 1996 Label: DGC, Geffen (24901) Format: 6 CD
2004With the Lights OutReleased: November 23, 2004 Label: DGC, Geffen (000372700), Format: 3CD+DVD+Book




1988Love Buzz
1991Smells Like Teen Spirit
1992Come as You Are
1992In Bloom
1993Heart-Shaped Box
1993All Apologies/Rape Me
1994Pennyroyal Tea (ritirato)
1994About a Girl
2002You Know You’re Right

Singoli Promozionali

1991On a Plain
1992Molly’s Lips
1994The Man Who Sold the World
1994Lake of Fire
1994Where Did You Sleep Last Night
1996Drain You

Split singles

1991Candy – Molly’s LipsNirvana – Fluid
1991Here She Comes Now – Venus in FursNirvana – Melvins
1993Puss – Oh, the GuiltNirvana – Jesus Lizard


1988Spank ThruSub Pop 200
1989Mexican SeafoodTeriyaki Asthma, Vol. 1
1991BeeswaxKill Rock Stars
1992“Do You Love Me?Hard to Believe: Kiss Covers Compilation
1993Return of the RatEight Songs for Greg Sage and The Wipers
1993Verse Chorus VerseNo Alternative
1993I Hate Myself and Want to DieThe Beavis and Butt-Head Experience
1994Pay to PlayDGC Rarities, Vol. 1
1994DiveThe Grunge Years
1994Here She Comes NowFifteen Minutes: A Tribute to the Velvet Underground
1996Come as You AreFender 50th Anniversary Guitar Legends
1996Radio Friendly Unit ShifterHome Alive: The Art of Self Defense
1996Negative CreepHype!
1998Blew – Love BuzzThe Birth Of Alternative Vol. 1
1998About a GirlThe Birth Of Alternative Vol. 2
1999Rape MeSaturday Night Live: The Musical Performances Vol. 2
2001Smells Like Teen SpiritMusic of the Millennium

DVD Video

1994Live! Tonight! Sold Out!! (VHS)
2005Classic Albums: Nirvana – Nevermind
2007MTV Unplugged In New York
2009Live at Reading
2011Live at Paramount
2013Live and Loud