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    prendendo spunto da Rixx sono andato a guardarmi questo gruppo, li conoscevo di nome ma non ho mai ascoltato l’unico album che hanno prodotto nel 1991, intitolato Martha Jane Cannary (che e’ il vero nome di Calamity Jane, famosa pistolero donna del west).

    Ho visto che si sono riunite nel 2010, promozionandosi un po anche in radio, ma poi sono scomparse dinuovo, senza nuovi album.

    Si sciolsero dopo l’esibizione in Argentina dove facevano da gruppo di supporto dei Nirvana, questa e’ la versione dei fatti di Gilly, la cantante:

    Last Show ever- Buenos Aires, Argentina Oct. 1992 w/ Nirvana.
    We were booed and spit on and shown many penises by the audience..we broke our guitars and left the stage, never to return. Nirvana refused to play “smells like teen spirit” in protest.

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    Purtroppo il CD e’ fuori catalogo, lo si puo’ trovare usato su ebay.


    Spiegatemi bene un pò la storia del concerto in Argentina, come mai quel concerto ha portato al loro scioglimento? hanno suonato in modo pietoso o cos’altro?

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    Non so se stavano suonando male, non so se esiste una registrazione di quel concerto, ma cmq la cantante dice che il pubblico ha iniziato a fischiarle, a sputargli addosso ed addirittura a denudarsi, mostrando il pene. Probabilmente semplicemente perche’ì era un gruppo di sole donne. Hanno quindi distrutto le chitarre e non sono mai piu’ salite su un palco.

    Kurt a quel punto ha iniziato il concerto con questo pezzo improvvisato “Nobody Knows I’m New Wave”, per non far divertire il pubblico che invece si aspettava i pezzi conosciuti, ed in piu’ non ha fatto Smells.


    Di quel concerto è circolato solo il video integrale dell’esibizione dei Nirvana,purtroppo. Pochi anni fa una delle Calamity Jane ha raccontato tutta la storia in proposito:

    “When we arrived at the airport in Buenos Aires, I was relieved we made it safely (I’m not a fan of flying). We all were exhausted not only from the 11-plus hours in the air but also because we were in the middle of our first U.S. tour. We were greeted by the Argentinean tour managers and taken to our hotel rooms. I was shocked to see a huge crowd of fans waiting outside the hotel. Unfortunately, they were waiting for Nirvana, not us.

    We were definitely treated like rock stars. We got our own amazing rooms. After we rested and had some free food, everyone wanted to check out the Buenos Aires night life, except me. I just wanted to lay in my comfortable bed, watch cable TV, and have some quiet time away from everyone else. I remember feeling guilty about not partying or going dancing. Is this what it’s like being a rock star? You stay up all night drinking and not being alone very often? I had this feeling then, that I just wasn’t ready for that. I was scared of what the lifestyle entailed. I also knew our band was already having some tense moments and weren’t getting along that well.

    The next day was our sound check and the Big Show. It was more than I expected. For one thing, the show was in a huge futbol stadium. The show was sold-out, which means somewhere around 30,000 people! I was ready for it. We had our sound check, got our catered food backstage, were re-introduced to the guys in Nirvana—and met Courtney Love. What I remember about our first meeting in Portland was that Courtney was loud and obnoxious, Kurt was introverted and hung out in their tour bus with their baby Frances Bean, and Krist and Dave were very nice, outgoing, and personable.

    It was the same thing in Argentina. Courtney was obnoxious, but I still admired her tenacity and musical aspirations, and she seemed genuinely into us playing that show and liked our music. I know Kurt felt the same way, but I didn’t get the chance to talk to him. He was always somewhere else, off in a corner, in another room, I don’t know, he seemed scared of it all. I could relate.

    It’s showtime! We go on stage and start our first song. From my vantage point, which was on a drum riser behind Gilly, Megan, and Joanna, I thought the crowd was totally into it. Why wouldn’t I think that? We’d been successful up to this point, people always came up to us after shows to tell us how “fucking awesome” we were. I realized, during our second song that, NO, that wasn’t positive yelling and screaming. They were calling us whores and bitches in Spanish, spitting, throwing dirt clods—did I mention the spitting? I couldn’t believe how far they could spit! Gilly started screaming at them, “Fuck you, fuck off, fuck you!” Then before the song was finished, she threw the mic stand down, took off her guitar and threw that, too, and ran off stage. Megan, Joanna, and I just waited, what seemed like an eternity. The crowd was chanting, “Nirvana! Nirvana!” I didn’t know what else to do, so I did a short drum solo while we waited for Gilly to come back out.

    I found out later that Courtney told Gilly, “Get back out there, they do this to all of the rock bands, they spit on the Ramones!” So, Gilly came back out and we started the third song. We didn’t even get half-way through it before we all just wanted to leave. It’s hard to stay focused when you’re dodging sharp objects and spit, so we walked off.

    There it was. Our big moment. Short lived and totally fucked up. Talk about an ego reduction. It also added to more tension between us band members. We all were disappointed, sad, and we pretty much hated each other. All of this happened in Argentina in less than three days—IN and OUT. We got back to the States, to a broken down van, and attempted to finish our tour but it just didn’t happen. The band broke up and we went back to our sucky jobs in our comfortable home towns—me and Joanna to Portland and Gilly and Megan to Ashland. Joanna and I stayed friends, even forming another band, but we didn’t speak to the Hanner sisters for years. Now that time has passed, we are all friends again and can laugh about this. Even with all of the drama that went along with our break-up, I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m fortunate enough to have had that experience and I’m glad I experienced it with Gilly, Megan, and Joanna.”

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    Questa di Incesticide, che contiene una Liner Note non la sapevo.

    Ma qualcuno ha questo CD dei Calamity Jane ?
    Oppure conosce l’album in mp3 ?


    E’ roba difficile da trovare,anche se penso sia circolata in qualche modo. Io purtroppo non ho nulla di loro.

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    Non intendevo il concerto, ma il cd ufficiale
    Lo hai mai ascoltato ?
    È un peccato non si ristampi, potevano sfruttare il ventennale.


    Intendevo proprio il cd,non l’ho mai trovato.Ma stai comunque parlando con uno che i cd se li va ancora a CERCARE fisicamente nei negozi… (anche negli USA).
    Non ho mai provato a cercarlo in rete.

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    che bello scavare nei cd, specialmente dei negozi degli usati.
    E’ un’epoca andata ormai, i nostri figli non sapranno cosa significa


    Io ho un cd delle L7….per la precisione Brigh are heavy (o come cavolo si scrive)…l’etichetta è la Slash record (la primissima etichetta che lo stampò….è la prima stampa)…ma è fuori produzione attualment questo album?
    Lo comprai anni fa in un negozio dell’usato in ottime condizioni

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