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    Il regista Frank Jerky mi ha scritto chiedendomi di pubblicare l’anteprima del suo cortometraggio dedicato a Kurt. Sara’ online solo per questo weekend.

    Questa e’ la sua lettera:

    Hi, my name is Frank Jerky and I am a film director. Since I was a teen ager I’ve been a Nirvana big fan, and that is why I decided to shoot a short film about Kurt Cobain. Reading his last letter I tried to imagine the moment in my own way. And with my production ( we decided to make a short film. The film will be send it in festivals all around the nation, but friday is going to be the 19th anniversary of his death, so we decide to put the film online only for that weekend. We already contacted a lot of Nirvana’s community and they have been very exited about my idea. They will post the film for the weekend and I really would like to have your page do the same. I leave you the link of the film here, it is an unlisted link but tomorrow night I will put the final cut and as I said, I will keep it public for the weekend. I hope to hear back from you, we really believe in this project and we really love Nirvana and Kurt’s inspiration. Thank you. Peace, Love, Empathy.


    Se posso dire la mia….stereotipato, non mi è proprio piaciuto.

    Apprezzo il fatto che comunque ha fatto qualcosa al riguardo e ci abbia provato.

Stai visualizzando 2 post - dal 1 a 2 (di 2 totali)
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